zaterdag 14 november 2009

Work in Process...

Yep, this means my present for Juniper is done!

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  1. en nu gewoon met drie naalden aan de brei! Is het moeilijk? Poppy is natuurlijk weer te fijn! Die wangetjes !

  2. I think it's a little bit more difficult to knit with three needles. Especially setting up is hard, you easily end up knitting in side out, I still don't know the maths behind this system. We will figure it out. It's much more beautiful then putting a rectangle together.

    And yep, Poppy will soon be as big as her brothers were, she takes every opportunity she gets to refill and spills no milk (unbelievable!) So be prepared to meet Little Mrs. Marshmallow in a few weeks.

  3. O oopsie, in english ofcourse ;-)

    maybe i have to study it too, i have this needle with a little cord to connect them but didn't figure that one out either ...

    How is everybody? Sinterklaas is in the netherlands so soon swappresent will be flying over!

  4. Oooh Poppy is a cute little pumpkin

    Aaargh I haven't even started yet on my swap present. Kick me in the butt pleeease!

  5. Mine is sent already... I'm a hopeless case, I know...

    I like knitting with 3/4 needles - it is so much nicer, as you said without sewing it together, I knitted loads of pullovers for the two little ones with 4 needles - starting on the top and knitting in one row to the bottom (the sleeves until a certain length and then they were ended seperately). Great pattern, I tell you...

    Kind regards and hib hugs, Nina

  6. Dear Guusje and Daan, I'd love to send you a teaser, but what's your e-mail address?