maandag 3 mei 2010

Dear Recipe Book Swappers

Due many busy activities,
many ladies haven't finished the recipe book yet.
No problem, we will aim for the end of this month.
If you are ready,
please feel free to swap anytime you would like!

Happy cooking!!!

zondag 25 april 2010

Are you ready??????

To collect your swappie's address?
To wrap your recipe book?
To put it in the mailbox?

One week to go, girls.
Have fun!

Big recipe kiss,

Daan & Guusje

dinsdag 23 maart 2010

In the Meal

What's eating Miss van Ham?

What's Cooking?

Ook al aan de Kook?
Already Cooking?

Ik krijg er Honger van!
I'm getting Hungry!

maandag 15 februari 2010

The Spring Swap list

Let's get started!

Swap mates in virtual names (webpages can be found in the previous post (click on name), if the person you make for doesn't have a webpages you can contact one of us for the right address) :
Or look in the sidebar for the SprinSwapBloglist!
The first person on the list makes for the second person on the list
Else makes for Miek, etc.

Note: not all are couples!
(and edit once)

miek - else
f - heleen (English)
katie - octavie
else - belinda
belinda - miek
kandyce - meiniet (english)
heleen - f (English)
juffrouw kikkerbil - mirre
mirre - juffrouw kikkerbil
eefje - stien
stien - eefje
sanneke - elianne
anna - guusje
miss van ham - daan
elianne - sanneke
meiniet - kandyce
astrid - nien
octavie - katie
tineke - merel
merel - priscilla
juniper - jacomien (English)
jacomien - juniper
priscilla - tineke
nien - astrid
guusje - anna
daan - miss van ham

Note 2:
Every thing is allowed,
so feel free to bend the rules a little bit!

Good luck and happy making.

Any queries feel free to post anytime!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining our recipe book Swap!

1. Miek
2. f
4. Else
10. Eefje
11. Stien
13. Anna
17. Astrid
19. Tineke
20. Merel
24. Nien
25. Guusje
26. Daan

Important note: The due date will be one month later! So End date End of April!

zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Spring Swap

When I was about 6 years old, my sister and I loved to have a look at the recipes my mother had, they were a gift from her mother. Through our eyes, they were at least a million years old.
I still remember the plastic mint colored box and the, must have been over a hundred, recipe cards it held. My favorite, I have a terrible sweet tooth, was the marshmallow birthday cake. It had the shape of a house, the roof made of, yes indeed, marshmallows. It ticked all the boxes, sweet, colorful, special and just so adorable. I stared at that picture for hours.
My mum, not a terribly good cook but a happy baker, promised to make me one on my next birthday. I so looked forward to that. When the day arrived and she made me the cake, I was so thankful. I still remember how proud I felt.
The most beautiful cake in the world, especially made for me!

We are happily to announce our next Swap.

We will make for each other:

A recipe story/picture book.

The book contains:
15 recipes,
some stories/memories and some pictures/ drawings or other illustration to go with the recipes.
You are totally free to choose your own kind of recipes and medium to make your book, as long you can put it in a box or envelope and sent it to your swap mate.

This is gonna be lots of fun.
The good part is, nobody has to know if you are a good cook, maybe you're just a good collector, it really doesn't matter at all ;-)

Sign in:
from now on till mid February.
Leave a comment on this post.

We will sent the book to each other at the end of March.

Come on, girls and boys, join the club!