maandag 15 februari 2010

The Spring Swap list

Let's get started!

Swap mates in virtual names (webpages can be found in the previous post (click on name), if the person you make for doesn't have a webpages you can contact one of us for the right address) :
Or look in the sidebar for the SprinSwapBloglist!
The first person on the list makes for the second person on the list
Else makes for Miek, etc.

Note: not all are couples!
(and edit once)

miek - else
f - heleen (English)
katie - octavie
else - belinda
belinda - miek
kandyce - meiniet (english)
heleen - f (English)
juffrouw kikkerbil - mirre
mirre - juffrouw kikkerbil
eefje - stien
stien - eefje
sanneke - elianne
anna - guusje
miss van ham - daan
elianne - sanneke
meiniet - kandyce
astrid - nien
octavie - katie
tineke - merel
merel - priscilla
juniper - jacomien (English)
jacomien - juniper
priscilla - tineke
nien - astrid
guusje - anna
daan - miss van ham

Note 2:
Every thing is allowed,
so feel free to bend the rules a little bit!

Good luck and happy making.

Any queries feel free to post anytime!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining our recipe book Swap!

1. Miek
2. f
4. Else
10. Eefje
11. Stien
13. Anna
17. Astrid
19. Tineke
20. Merel
24. Nien
25. Guusje
26. Daan

Important note: The due date will be one month later! So End date End of April!